Accepted Full Papers

[6] Jieyu Zhan et al., A Fuzzy Logic Based Policy Negotiation Model
[7] Xiao-Wei Ai et al., Discovery of Jump Breaks in Joint Volatility for Volume and Price of High-frequency Trading Data in China
[10] Kun-Yu Lin et al., Multi-view Unit Intact Space Learning
[15] Tong ChenA Hidden Astroturfing Detection Approach Base On Emotion Analysis
[20] Kun Wang et al., A Novel Blemish Detection Algorithm for Camera Quality Testing
[21] Fengjuan Zhang et al., Collaborative Filtering based on Pairwise user-item Blocking structure(PBCF): A General Framework and its Implementation
[33] Yuhui Wang et al., R-Calculus For The Primitive Statements In Description Logic ALC
[37] Minglei Li et al., Representation Learning of Multiword Expressions with Compositionality Constraint
[39] Razieh Mehri et al., Mining Schema Knowledge from Linked Data on the Web
[40] Haitao Cheng et al., f-ALC(D)-LTL: A Fuzzy Spatio-Temporal Description Logic
[45] Minghua Zhao et al., An efficient three-dimensional reconstruction approach for pose-invariant face recognition based on a single view
[49] Wenhao Huang et al., Improved Knowledge Base Completion by the Path-Augmented TransR Model
[50] Chiaki Sakama et al., Linear Algebraic Characterization of Logic Programs
[55] Xu Yu et al., Cross Domain Collaborative Filtering By Integrating User Latent Vectors of Auxiliary Domains
[56] Yunchuan Chen et al., Learning Sparse Overcomplete Word Vectors without Intermediate Dense Representations
[61] Lu Wang et al., A Multi-Objective Attribute Reduction Method in Decision-Theoretic Rough Set Model
[62] Yan Hu et al., Weakly Supervised Feature Compression Based Topic Model for Sentiment Classification
[67] Feng Yi et al., MIAC: A Mobility Intention Auto-Completion Model for Location Prediction
[73] Cancan Jin et al., A Study of Distributed Semantic Representations for Automated Essay Scoring
[74] Jianxun Lian et al., A Multifaceted Model for Cross Domain Recommendation Systems
[75] Fuzhen Zhuang et al., Transfer Learning with Manifold Regularized Convolutional Neural Network
[77] Yangyang Lu et al., Learning To Infer API Mappings From API Documents
[81] Yanti Andriyani et al., Understanding Knowledge Management in Agile Software Development Practice
[84] Jin Zhang et al., Automatically Difficulty Grading Method based on Knowledge Tree
[90] Dan Liu et al., Learning Path Generation Method Based on Migration Between Concepts
[92] Xiaoxue Li et al., Mining Values of User's Missing Attributes via Neural Network
[102] Zhiwei Guo et al., Beyond the Aggregation of Its Members-A Novel Group Recommender System From the Perspective of Preference Distribution
[103] Hiroyuki Kido et al., Balancing Between Cognitive and Semantic Acceptability of Arguments
[113] Yuzhi Liang et al., Relevant Fact Selection for QA via Sequence Labeling
[120] Mengxiao Jiang et al., An Effective Gated and Attention-based Neural Network Model for Fine-grained Financial Target-dependent Sentiment Analysis
[122] Stewart Massie et al., Learning Deep and Shallow Features for Human Activity Recognition
[127] Chenfei Sun et al., Community Outlier based Fraudster Detection
[131] Na Pang et al., Analyzing Customer Preference Using WiFi Signals
[133] Shaowu Liu et al., Collaborative Filtering via Diļ¬€erent Preference Structures
[134] Dali Zhu et al., Device-free Intruder Sensing Leveraging Fine-grained Physical Layer Signatures

Accepted Short Papers

[18] Shahpar Yakhchi et al., ARMICA-Improved: A New Approach for Association Rule Mining
[25] Mei Su et al., Super-resolution for Images with Barrel Lens Distortions
[28] Huifang Ma et al., Leveraging Term Co-occurrence Distance and Strong Classification Features for Short Text Feature Selection
[42] Wenli Yu et al., Exploring Latent Bundles From Sequential Behaviors for Personalized Ranking
[43] Meng Ma et al., An Ontology-Based Language for Complex Event Description on Internet of Things Data Streams
[63] Yingyuan Xiao et al., Trust-aware recommendation in social networks
[78] Weijieying Ren et al., Robust mapping learning for multi-view multi-label classification with missing labels
[93] Guiqian Zhu et al., Co-saliency Detection based on Superpixel Clustering
[99] Xin Ouyang et al., Representation Learning with Entity Topics for Knowledge Graphs
[106] Olivier Carloni, Fast subsumption queries for rooted labeled trees
[130] Kun Yang, A Behavior-based Method for Distinction of Flooding DDoS and Flash Crowds